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Fort Lauderdale Car Accident Attorney

Fort Lauderdale Car Accident Attorneys
Being involved in a car accident in Fort Lauderdale can be a very frightening, disorienting experience. Whether you suffer from major or minor injuries, the trauma and stress of going through such an event can be downright crippling. Regardless of the circumstances, it is critical that you have legal counsel in the event of a car accident. Otherwise, you risk losing your rights and being taken advantage of by unscrupulous insurance companies and the other parties involved in the accident. There is no doubt that lawyers make huge differences for their clients each and every day when it comes to car accidents.

Don't Be A Car Crash Victim - Again
As an injured party in a car accident, you have already become a victim. Whether you are the victim of the egregious misconduct of another person or the victim of circumstances otherwise beyond your control, you undoubtedly do not want to become a victim yet again. Yet this can very easily happen to you if you fail to seek qualified legal aid. When you are involved in a car accident and don't hire a lawyer, you can easily become the victim of the underhanded tactics of insurance companies and others.

Assuming that car insurance companies will follow the law and not overstep their boundaries is a very naive way to look at things. In reality, those companies will usually do whatever it takes to avoid paying a claim. Additionally, you may be found at fault for an accident that you did not even cause, if another driver makes false claims and the police believe him or her. An expert car accident attorney can help you navigate this tricky situation, ensuring that your rights are protected and that you do not become a victim yet again.

Think You Don't Need A Car Accident Attorney? Think Again!
After an accident, letting the insurance companies and law enforcement handle the situation is a recipe for disaster. Assuming that they will keep your legal rights in mind is foolhardy. The fact is, people who are involved in car accidents get taken advantage of every single day. It happens in small ways as well as big ones; sometimes, an accident victim misses out on compensation that they are owed. Other times, a person is found at fault in an accident and faces steep fines and penalties that they do not deserve. Do you want to risk having to deal with either possibility?

If you are involved in a car accident, first seek medical attention as necessary. The very next thing you should do - before talking or working with any car insurance company - is hire an experienced car accident attorney. You will see that having such a person by your side affords you a great deal of peace of mind. The last thing you need is additional stress at such a time; a skilled lawyer can help prevent that. Regardless of the specifics, any time you are the victim of a car accident you should seek legal counsel to avoid becoming a victim twice over.

Getting Car Accident Victims the Compensation They Deserve
Car accident victims need attorneys. Until they retain one, the insurance companies know that they are dealing with someone who does not know the laws as well as they do. Without a lawyer, a person who is stressed from dealing with the financial, physical, and emotional consequences of an injury is more likely to accept an unfair settlement. At Sheldon J. Schlesinger, P.A., our personal injury attorneys have assisted many people who suffered injuries in car accidents. If you or someone you love has been hurt in a car crash, contact us for a free initial consultation with an experienced car accident lawyer.

Drunk Driving Car Accidents
Tragically, many car and truck accidents are preventable. This is especially true if the driver was intoxicated. Our lawyers are familiar with the issues surrounding drunk driving cases. We have read many toxicology reports and conducted many investigations. We also handle cases that involve bars and house parties who serve people who are clearly intoxicated.

Florida Crash Statistics
From 2008:
* Traffic fatalities decreased 7%, from 3,221 to 2,983
* Bicyclist fatalities decreased 2%, from 121 to 118
* Pedestrian fatalities decreased 5%, from 530 to 502
* Alcohol related fatalities decreased to 1,169 from 1244
* Motorcycle and passenger fatalities were up 15% from 769 to 883
Download the entire report here.

Contact a Florida automobile accident attorney for a free consultation.


Download our Auto Accident Checklist
When involved in an auto accident be sure to document all aspects of the accident. Download and print this auto accident checklist and keep it in your car.

Semi Tractor Trailer Accidents
Truck accidents cause a lot of damage. Our lawyers handle all types of truck accident cases, including those that involve
* Detaching trailers
* Product liability
* Drunk or fatigued drivers
* Negligent hiring practices

Truck companies are professionals, so they are adept at defending themselves. Fortunately, with over fifty years of experience, we have the knowledge and skill necessary to prevail against them.

Motorcycle Accidents
Every cyclist knows that if he gets into an accident, the injuries are likely to be serious or fatal. Many of the injuries that we have seen include
* Traumatic brain injury
* Spinal cord injury
* Back injury
* Head and neck injury
* Broken bones
* Burns

Juries are sometimes biased against the cyclist. However, we are persuasive. With our careful investigation and reconstruction, we can show both jury and opposing counsel what really happened that day.

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Fort Lauderdale Car Accident Attorney
Car accident outside our Fort Lauderdale office, October 2010.

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer
Case Study's

Garner v. Southern Group Indemnity and Statewide Adjusters
Cause of action: Motor vehicle negligence
Verdict: $6,800,000
October 2, 2000

While waiting to make a turn, an expectant mother was struck by a careless driver. The victim survived the accident but was in a coma for more than three months of her pregnancy. She suffered severe brain damage, paralysis of her left side and now requires twenty-four-hour care.


Michael & Michele Gamsen v. State Farm Fire and Casualty Co.
Cause of action: Auto negligence
Verdict: $4,900,000
March 11, 2009
Michael Gamsen, a Pembroke Pines respiratory therapist, was driving his company’s Dodge van west on Hollywood Boulevard when he was rear-ended on March 11, 2003. The other driver, Murray Kasten, was underinsured. Gamsen’s company, Hollywood Medical Supply, had uninsured motorist coverage with State Farm Fire and Casualty. However, the insurance company did not pay.

Gamsen underwent back surgery in hopes of alleviating pain from the accident in 2004, but the operation made it worse. He stopped working about nine months after the collision. His attorney, Steven J. Hammer, said Gamsen has pain that resonates throughout his body and takes time-released morphine to cope with the pain.
See the Daily Business Review story

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